DIAGO project

diago is the dialog-based system to easily create nested menus, execute programs and start connections to remote systems in the console sessions.

While dialog is good to create a single… well, dialog… in the console mode, diago extends it adding a possibility to quickly and easily create a nested menu.

See the screenshot for example of what you can quickly get, using diago:

For additional details see project page on sourceforge.net: http://sourceforge.net/projects/diago.

Feel free to discuss Diago on Diago forums!

You can also browse source code in SVN: https://diago.svn.sourceforge.net.


18.07.2007 - diago 0.9-alpha1, first public version released! Download it.

About author

© 2007 Alexander Myodov.

Contact author via email: maa_public, or via Jabber/Google Talk: honeyman@jabber.ru.

CV (PDF): English, Russian.

New!: The full table of ISO 639-2 languages, with three-letter codes, english and native names, grouped so that every distinct code (bibliographic B code, or terminological T code) has a separate row.

Download the table: OpenDocument (.ods) format, approximately 21 kilobytes. Best viewed by: OpenOffice.org (free/open software) office suite and the Code2000 font (even though it is a shareware, but with the very flexible licensing rules, and nothing beats >50k independent supported characters!) Less convenient but more accessible PDF version (~81 kilobytes) is also available.

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